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Leading the new office style of future?Fangyuan is moving!


Fangyuan is honored to serve the Guangya Group for accomplishing the design and construction 

of the art projects. 

With its smooth style and the interplay of rose gold surface and coppery wall, this reception 

desk well improves the quality of space.

Receptionists can sit naturally straight-backed as the seats are slightly higher than regular size.

It intersects office seats, office area and waiting chairs with its S-shaped dynamic design for 

highlighting the rapport of an enterprise, which will become a new fashion of the new generation


Moreover, Fangyuan creates a sculpture which prototypes as the trophy for Lamp of Aladdin.

Details design proposals are raised by Fangyuan’s design team as the original sculpture model 

is lack of a 3D sense.

That’s to change the single monkey to a pair for holding up the flame, and improving the 3D 

flame to be a muti-dimensional version.

Besides, hiding LED strip at the junction to make the sculpture more dynamic. After the above 

optimizing, the sculpture appears to be diverse and full visually. 

In the face of the current severe international epidemic, as a professional art sculpture supplier, 

Fangyuan always maintains the best condition for beautifying every place with our high-quality art 


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